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1 Year — Print & Digital
52 weekly issues of the Wisconsin Law Journal and premium digital access to

Keep your edge with valuable insights from Wisconsin Law Journal - featuring EXCLUSIVE CONTENT and CRITICAL INFORMATION that is specifically curated for attorneys and law professionals.

Your subscription includes:

  • Weekly newspapers, delivered to your desk and posted digitally to our website
  • Daily news and data posted five days a week to our website
  • Complete online access to court opinions, Verdicts and Settlements, article archives, the Milwaukee County Circuit Court Calendar, classified ads, and more.
  • Daily email news delivered conveniently to your inbox
  • Weekend coverage of breaking news
  • Valuable case digests updated daily online
  • Verdicts and Settlements in print and online
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Asked and Answered (Back by popular demand!)
  • Around the Nation
  • On the Horizon
  • Closing Arguments
  • Expanded focus topics each month including Reinvention: Winning more in 2016, Best and Worst, Myth Busters, Construction Law, and many more!
  • Popular special sections and features including Up and Coming Lawyers, Leaders in the Law, Women in the Law, and Unsung Heroes.

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GO GREEN 1 Year — Digital Only 
I’ll receive one year access to the weekly newspaper digital edition, premium online content, unlimited access to legal research tools, and dependable in-depth local legal coverage. PLUS, I’ll receive the daily WLJ: Today via e-mail to keep me informed of breaking news.

No print issues will be delivered.

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2 Years — Print & Digital

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30-Days — Print & Digital
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